1win Poker Room Review

The official 1win website is known for its wide range of sports and cyber sports betting, as well as its huge collection of online casino gambling. Not so long ago, a poker room also appeared here. Already now it regularly hosts tournaments with big money prizes.

There are numerous cash tables, Sit & Go tournaments, accelerated modes and much more available in the 1win poker room. These are played for real money. Bonuses are also accepted for deposits, activity, promo codes and more.
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How to play poker - the essence of the game

Poker is a complicated game of chance. You have to know all the rules, card combinations and other features. In a nutshell, it goes like this:

  • Blinds. At the start of each round, forced bets called "Blinds" are collected. They are taken from the two players seated to the left of the dealer. The first pays half of the mandatory amount, and the second pays a full blind.
  • Handout. All players are dealt cards (the number depends on the type of poker chosen). The first betting round starts. You can call blinds, fold cards or raise your stake.
  • Flop. In this round, the dealer dealt the first three cards. Then, additional bets are accepted from all comers.
  • Turn. A fourth card is added and a trade among the players begins.
  • River. The last round, where a fifth card from the dealer comes to the table. Players can add a bet, discard or skip a turn.
  • The opening of the cards. At the end all remaining players open their decks. Whoever has the best combination takes the whole pot.

There are several varieties of poker with their own special features and additional rules. They follow the plan described above, but there are some nuances.

how to play poker on 1win

Playing poker at 1win

The official 1win website and its downloadable applications have a special section called "Poker". It is available to all registered users. You are first asked to enter your name, then the poker room opens. It consists of the following sections:

  1. Cash tables. The game is played on the current balance at 1win.
  2. Rapid. The tables change automatically after each discarded deck.
  3. Tournaments. Regular tournaments with different prize funds.
  4. Sit & Go. Fast tournaments with fixed balances for all players.
  5. Spins. Accelerated 3-man tournaments, where the blinds go up very quickly.

Each section has various selection criteria (type of poker, stakes, state, number of players, etc.). You can join using the "Play" button or the "Lobby" button.

Bonuses, promotions and RakeBack

There are many bonus programmes available on the 1win website. They work across a range of games, including poker. They allow players to earn extra winnings by completing certain actions. For example, first deposits are awarded +500% on total deposits and 100 FS on slots.

A "RakeBack" promotion has been developed specifically for poker at 1win. Rakeback is a 5% commission refund, which is charged on the total bankroll for a game in the Cash Tables section. Every Monday players are given 15% to 50% of the generated commission for the current period. The percentage of the rebate is determined by status, upgraded for active participation in the loyalty programme.

RakeBack 1win

Poker tournaments

1win holds its own poker tournaments on a regular basis for all comers. The tournaments offer big cash prizes. There are two types of tournaments:

  1. Weekly. Held every Saturday at 21:00 (GMT +3). Entry is free, prize pool - 1000 USD. At the beginning, a player gets 5000 chips. The player with the most chips wins.
  2. Special 2022. Held every month on the last Saturday of every month at 22:00 (GMT +3). Entry fee - 2 USD, prize pool - 2022 USD. 5000 chips will be given out at the start, blinds will be raised every 5 minutes. Winners share the whole pot.

In addition, the poker room at 1win has a tournaments section. There are regular tournaments with different prize pools. You can take part for free or for a fee.

Promo code for a poker game

You can get an extra poker bonus at 1win by using a promo code. It is available to all new players. To activate it, you will need:

  1. Open 1win website.
  2. Go to the registration window.
  3. Fill in the questionnaire.
  4. Click on "Promo code".
  5. Enter "GOPOKER" (without inverted commas).
  6. Complete the registration.

After completing the registration, the newcomer is asked to make their first deposit. This brings an extra bonus from the promotional code entered. This can be redeemed in the poker room at 1win.

1win poker promo code

Download Poker room on your phone

1win has developed mobile apps for customers playing on smartphones. They can be downloaded for free by clicking on the special icon at the top of the screen. Installation is available on iOS and Android.

Launch the downloaded app and log in from the official website. Go to 'Poker', choose any table or tournament and start playing. It's played in the same way as on the computer, but with better optimisation for smartphones.