1win Lucky Jet - a review of the popular Lucky Jet game

Lucky Jet is a game with instant winnings that can reach huge odds in seconds. It's a counterpart to the popular Aviator, but it's not a plane that takes off, it's Lucky Joe with a rocketpack.

The Lucky Jet game is featured at online casino 1win and takes from $0.1 to $1000 per round. It has auto betting and auto withdrawal features that simplify the gaming process. It gives out winnings at the end of each winning round and credits them directly to your balance.
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How to play Lucky Jet - the essence of the game

Lucky Jet is a simple game that is an updated version of the popular Aviator. And it's launched via the Aviator section. The screen shows a man (Lucky Joe) taking off upwards using a rocketpack. In addition, the interface consists of:

  • Chat. Placed on the right-hand side. You can chat with other players and discuss strategies and tactics.
  • Betting table. Displayed on the left-hand side. Shows all deposits made by players per round. Here you can also see the history of the rounds and the biggest winnings made by visitors to 1win at Lucky Jet.
  • Betting. Accessible via the panel at the bottom of the screen. You can set up auto betting and auto withdrawal for simplified gameplay.
  • The history of the rounds. Presented at the top of the screen as a bar with the winning odds.

In the upper right-hand corner are the keys with sound settings and information sections.

How to play Lucky Jet


If you're just starting out with Aviator, you can simply place your bets and watch the odds fly by. And for the more experienced gambler, there are a few extra features:

  • Conducted continuously in real time from the launch of Lucky Jet. Each round begins by accepting bets. You can select them manually by entering the desired number in the appropriate window. If you like, place two bets at once.
  • Already made a deposit, then keep a close eye on Lucky Joe's flight. The higher he climbs, the bigger the winnings multiplier (starting from x1 to infinity). You can end the round at any time with the Withdraw button. If it is not pressed in time, the lucky player will fly off the screen and the investment will be burned. The multiplier caught multiplies the bet and gives the appropriate reward.
  • It is possible to fully automate the gambling process. Select the desired bet and click on the "Auto bet" button. Nearby, set the multiplier limit and activate the "Auto Withdraw" function. In this way, each round will debit the specified amount, and once the multiplier reaches the selected value, the game ends and brings the prize.

Strategies for playing Lucky Jet

Lucky Jet is a relatively newcomer to 1win, but it has already gained an impressive fan base. It is they who develop various tactics and strategies that allow you to win with increased odds. Let's take a look at some of the most popular ones:

  1. Large odds. The strategy boils down to waiting for big odds (e.g. x100). First, go to the history and look at the last time a big win fell out. Remember the time and count down one hour. Wait for the countdown and start betting. You may want to reset your rounds at medium odds first (30-40) to keep your balance. Then go for the intended result (x100).
  2. Doubling up. Choose an initial deposit amount (e.g., 100 roubles) and a desired winning ratio (preferably between 1.1 and 1.5). Play until the first loss. Then, double your investment. Win - go back to the initial rate. Lose - repeat the action with doubling.
  3. Blue odds. A simple strategy, the essence of which is to play only after 3 - 4 blue odds in a row (highlighted in the rounds history). Many people are convinced that low winnings are always followed by big ones. This can lead to odds of x2 or more.

Keep in mind that these and any other strategies cannot guarantee a 100% chance of winning at Lucky Jet. They only help players feel more confident to come out with larger winnings.

Odds in Lucky Jet

How to make a deposit

When you play at Lucky Jet, bets are deducted from your main balance at 1win. Only authorised users are allowed to add money to it. So, the first thing to do is to register, and then:

  1. Press "Refill".
  2. Select a payment method (bank cards, e-wallets and cryptocurrencies).
  3. Enter the amount (limits depend on the selected method and are displayed at the checkout).
  4. Click Continue.
  5. Login on the site or enter the details.
  6. Confirm the transaction.

The amount paid will be credited to your account instantly. It will also appear in Lucky Jet. Now you can bet and get your winnings. By the way, they are automatically added to your balance and are available for withdrawal.

Promo code

Lucrative bonuses are given to new players at 1win. For example, you can activate promo code GOLUCKY at registration and get +500% on your first deposit and 100 freespins for it.

The promotional code bonus is awarded gradually according to the amount of losses per day. It is awarded automatically and immediately to the main account. The money you get can be used for betting on Lucky Jet and other casino games. As for the freespins, they are wagered on the machines.

Download Lucky Jet on your phone

The official 1win website has mobile apps for iOS and Android. They can be installed free of charge for everyone and at any time. All you have to do to download is log in from your phone and click on the download button (appears at the top of the screen).

Open the downloaded application and log in. Next, find "Lucky Jet" through the menu and click on the logo. You can now start the game, which is played in exactly the same way as on the computer.